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Alife Mutants' Hackingsession on Systems and Organisms
06. - 13. march 2004
Bielefeld (Germany)

alife mutants

We called ourself Alife Mutants because it looked like we were the only students for miles around who wanted do to do cool stuff on topics like Alife, social systems simulation and swarm intelligence. But it turned out that there are others of our kind out there...

alife mutant manifesto

Let the clones tremble at a mutant {r}evolution. The mutants have nothing to lose but their brains. They have a world to win. Mutants of all species, recombine!

Students from Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Italy and the U.K. enjoyed the first rule110 winter workshop at Haus Neuland near Bielefeld.

Many of them took the opportunity to present their previous work. The students learned how to use several tools for modelling and analyzing complex systems, including Mathematica, NKS-Explorer, Starlogo and Osxlcau.

There were also introductory talks on modells for small worlds dynamics, sleeping patterns and love. Most of the time the students worked in small groups, implementing their models with a tool of their choice.

the meaning of AMHSO

The everchanging title of the rule110 meetings is generated by a rule110 CA, which was initialized with the binary encoded string ALIFE. After one iteration it returned AMHSO as the acronym for the winter workshop in 2004.

the deeper meaning of AMHSO

The inverse-acronym-automaton, which we fed with AHMSO a small grammar and a lot of funky words, returned several titles. Alife Mutants' Hackingsession on Systems and Organisms was definitley our favourite one.